Posting Viral Content Like A Pro – Or With Smart Funnelz

You know what it takes to make a post viral: a cool, enticing title, great looking and attention grabbing images, and premium shareable content. All of those elements combine to make a successful viral post that is sure to make all the rounds. Now, it is time that you apply the right techniques alongside those elements to create your first viral posts like a pro. It is easier than you think, and there are various ways to post content that will go viral online, so let’s take a look!

Creating A Viral Post The Traditional Way

As a first step you’ll need to create your viral post, so let’s do it the easy way. Start in your WordPress dashboard, and go to the “posts” tab, then click on “add new”. This is where all of your viral posts will be born, so bear with us here. There are three basic stages when you post your viral content in your WordPress dashboard, and we will teach you to go through them step by step.

The first one is the title, located in the “enter title here” text box. Use the tools that we recommended before to create a title that people will want to click on, and enter it here. Next comes the viral image, which can be inserted with the “add media” button. You can insert two types of images here: “featured” images and “into post” images.

A “Featured image” is a headline image that will go along with your title, usually on top of it, so this is the first one that you need to insert, just click on “upload files” and search for it in your computer or use one from your media library. “Into post” images are images that will accompany your content, so you will insert those depending on how you structure your post.

The last stage is the structure of your content. Like we said, it is better to structure your post in list format, and WordPress allows you to do so with a little code in the “text editor”.

Just type your numbered titles in between “<h1></h>”. To give you an example, our first numbered title would be “<h1>Hack Number 5</h>”. You will have to do this for each one of your subtitles.

Now, write your content and insert the images to accompany your post. As a last step, insert tags to your post to make it easier to find. Remember, these tags must be relevant to your content. Click on “publish” and post!

Ok so that was a brief article on posting viral content like a pro. There is another way in which you can create huge traffic and massive viral engaement..let me quickly introduce Smart Funnelz.

So smart funnelz has a very different approcah to the lay out previously stated. This particular software app uses the power of interactive polls and quizzes. 

I don’t want to ranty on too much about it here so I invite you to read my full article on the subject. You can find the article here >

Thanks for joining me today and i hope to se you on the next article.. Thankyou.

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